Contract/Temporary- To Hire

Contract to Hire

The phrase Contract to Hire means exactly what it says. Clients come to us to find employees that after time, they can bring on to their payroll in most cases at no charge. The length of time is usually negotiated based on the difficulty of the recruiting process, but is usually between 520 hours and 1080 hours, depending on the position.

Temporary position can be a great to transition "tested" employees into permanent openings. In a Hevar position, the employer has the chance to evaluate the job candidate and see if his or her skills are a good match for the company – while the employee can get a feel for the company and the specific job requirements. Because we test and screen all applicants to ensure their skills match the employer’s needs – employers can be confident that Hevar Systems Inc. will find them temp staff that are suitable for permanent positions after their temporary assignment ends. Our employees also get a unique chance to have a "trial run" with an employer before deciding if they would like to pursue a permanent position there.

Advantages to Temp to Hire for the Client

Hevar System emerged as a popular way for companies to hire administrative staff and industrial staff in the mid 1980’s. Companies use Temp to Hire to manage early turnover and to make sure that the person who came in for the interview, is the same person who shows up for the job. In other words it is a try before you buy scenario. Recently Temp to Hire or Contract to Hire has become more popular in the IT sector of staffing as well as companies seek to convert talented technical contractors to full time regular staff.

Advantages for the Applicant

Hevar Systems can be a great way for you as a job seeker to make sure that the job you took is the one that was described to you in the interview. It gives you a chance to make sure that this is the company you want to work for. In addition, thousands of people are hired every day that started out on a "temp" assignment that was not ever intended to lead to regular full time employment. Talent and dedication are not commodities. They are hard to come by. If you accept a temporary assignment and you exhibit dedication, knowledge and work ethic, many companies will not want to "let you go" and will make arrangements with the staffing firm to hire you.

Temporary staffing can be a strong bridge to a permanent position